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Barcelona Street Art

I haven’t been to Barcelona since 1999 and haven’t gone back since, fact that needs to change soon I hope. In any case I loved this video because 1. I love street art, 2. you have to be crazy not to love something about Barcelona and 3. I just got back from Valencia and the majority of my photos are of street art (post coming up on that when I get through the pics and post them on flickr as well). An expo will be taking place on the topic of this film here in Paris at the Cité Internationale des Arts and I will be there to see it (i will update post when I have more information)! In the meantime enjoy the music and the street art.

I need to find something like this about street art in Caracas, if anyone know of something like it or people that photograph street art in Ccs let me know.

Information provided by the director of the film on his Vimeo page :

We wanted to make a documentary which was filmed mostly on the streets, shot from the hip, something that reflects the street art itself.

A lot of the story comes from the street artists themselves. They were always generous with their time and information. They developed the process, they wanted this story to be told.

Las Calles Hablan is a story about discovering a hidden world, an extraordinary subculture and the struggle between an artistic community painting for freedom of expression and an increasingly restrictive dogmatic government.

Featured artists:
Zosen, Mina Hamada, Kenor, Kram, El Xupet Negre, Debens, Fert, Dase, SM172, Ogoch, Kafre, Aleix Gordo, Meibol, Eledu, C215, H101, Miss Van, Btoy, El Arte Es Basura, Konair, Gola, Vinz.

Additional art and film by:
Secle, Eme, Alice, Pez, Skount, Enzo&Nio, Tom14, Bombing Art.

Music by:
Emma Lady EMZ, Secret Panda Society.

In support for the release of Las Calles Hablan documentary we have organised an online petition to request the government to enter into conversation with the street art community. If you like the film and agree with our position, please sign the petition “Consider street art as a cultural asset for the city”

The Petition can be viewed here:

Additional article by Ian Currie
The Ancient antagonism between street artists and governments

For a long list of related links and additional information view background information here in the
Online Press Kit:

Onist Film Web:

ps. it’s so not on purpose but i’m behind on book reviews… *palm to forehead*

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Is it march already… 2013 ? You sure?

So the year is passing in what appears to be seconds. Something that might affect that feeling is the fact that Paris has been sun-less for 2 months in a row now, making the arrival of march something quite spectacular. The city was out on the streets, at least on sunday, considering that saturday was just a continuation of the gloom we’ve had since jan.1. To benefit from this I decided to become a tourist in town and it was lovely.
The day started at the market buying the veggies for the week, then after placing everything in its right location the real tourism started. Took the bus out to Republique and walked over to the Marché des Enfants Rouges to have a lovely burger (yes in paris and eating burgers, it happens- get over it). Quite tasty, i’m already planning my return to the market overall, everything appears to be good there. For those from Philly, its the french Redding Terminal Market – or one of the many in town (a lot smaller though). From there walked all around the Marais and stopped at Hotel de Ville to watch the ice skaters (fall), fun little stop before walking to the quais de la Seine until reaching the louvre for Free Sundays (free entry on the first sunday of the month) to go see the expo on Islamic Art.

Rocking sunday with rocking weather… March 2013 I like you so much already.  Since I’m in a mapping class I will map this this week.

Ps Started watching West Wing…



Map making…

Trying out new things … (and happy new years to you!) I’m not the most gifted person when it comes to drawing, or design-ny things but I decided to step out of my comfort and test out a Skillshare class on map making. First day of class is tomorrow and here’s one of the first videos we get to watch.

This West Wing excerpt (a show that I have yet to watch) inevitably made me think of Quino’s darling Mafalda:


Maps are a wonderful thing and as someone who has traveled plenty and moved plenty more, I think this class will just be serious fun (I did just say “serious fun”… oh boy). It’ll mix a trip down memory lane while allowing me to plan future moves maybe?

Either way I love globes, maps and just maybe i’ll start looking at them up-side down or … right side up?

Cheers to new things, fun things and map things.


The Return ….

And so my non-vacation vacation has come to an end and I am back. With the comeback I ask why o why in this world are the Florence + the Machine tickets for November 27 at Zenith de Paris not on sale yet!!!

The exciting news, I am still in Paris. The less exciting news, I’m not sure for how long. Nevertheless, optimism reigns and to continuously plan at least 20 days ahead (today the 7th of november – concert on the 27th of november), which makes me feel like I’ll be hanging around this town longer than I think.

Serious shenanigans aside, my motherland, Venezuela, and my adoptive motherland, USA,  have elected their new presidential leaders within the last month. Literally, Venezuelan elections were october 7th and US election Nov.6. Feelings on what this means for the americas and how these two elections are tied to one another? will come soon… In the meantime I’ve discovered an alternative professional interest to humanitarian logistics – corruption in the public sector.

A tres bientôt,


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Street Art: the worlds largest gallery

I have a fascination with street art and I love cities that distinguish themselves beyond cookie cutter architecture by be coming not only a medium in which we live in, but also a local artistic experience. I don’t know if what I just said makes sense… but it sure did in my head. Sounded good in there. I recently discovered a new blog called Colossal art and design where street art is a major theme. A recent post is on Urban Origami in Vietnam and in Paris  (that I missed) by  an artist that calls herself  Madmoiselle Maurice. Another awesome street art project that has been traveling around parts of the world by French photographer JR  and has a documentary film  (Cannes 2010) is the Women are Heroes project. Women are Heroes  turns  images, paper, and glue into amazing street art  that brings visibility to women who in their struggle long for a happy future. He has also done other fascinating  international projects. I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Here is the Colossal street art collection!

Ps If you check my flickr account there’s a gallery dedicated to street art throughout my travels (it’s slowly growing). I agree with JR that the “street is the largest art gallery in the world”…

Ps.2. the header image of this blog is a Parisian mural at quai Jemappes…

Ted talk of JR’s work:


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